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Regarding JYJ's Assault Against Fans

Even if you don't read this entry please read some of THIS

As a former Cassie I was devastated when I heard that JYJ assaulted their fans. At first I thought it was fake but when I further researched it I found out it was, in fact, true. Jaejoong (my bias in DB5K) cussed and slapped a fan. Yoochun slapped a fan. I couldn't believe it, I was in the DB5K fandom for a LONG time before I slowly lost interest after the split. However, I still keep an eye out for them and buy some of their CDs, I just don't actively take part in the fandom anymore.

So when I saw the news I was flabbergasted. I've read so many fan reports that said they saw Jaejoong at the airport and were given an autograph. I heard that JYJ were nicer than they expected. I could not understand what had happened.

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Nobody's Home Chapter One

Title: Nobody's Home
Rating: Pg-13 (rating may increase)
Pairing: EunHae
Warnings: Mentions of child abuse and neglect, angst
Word count: 1,885
Summary: Donghae finds happiness in Hyukjae when the rest of the world provides only desolation and neglect.
A/N: So people don’t get confused, I have referred to Shinee’s Key as Key Kibum.
Disclaimer: Last time I checked it was illegal to own people so...
Chapters: (Chapter 01) (Chapter 02)
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Gantz fan-report

Thoughts on Gantz: english dubbed
(will contain spoilers...)

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